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AMA: Lewis Bollard, Open Philanthropy

Lewis, with all the respect but I want to point out how frustrating it is to see that OPP continues to overlook all these serious issues. As people have said in this forum, due to the leadership of Animal Equality, people are depressed, leaving the animal advocacy movement, unemployed, and/or sick. "Candid conversations" didn't work and are not going to work with Animal Equality. What else needs to happen until OPP takes drastic measures?

AMA: Lewis Bollard, Open Philanthropy

I was an employee of Animal Equality for years and I have witnessed several cases of harassment from the leadership. Retaliation and harassment are common practices in the organization. Unfortunately, Animal Equality is a dictatorship. If you are an employee and you disagree to some degree with the leadership you might be fired without any prior notice. Even people that exceed the goals and expectations for the role are fired without any previous bad feedback. 

In order to avoid more retaliation for the current staff, I suggest that OPP requires a strict policy and process in which Animal Equality's directors must follow in case they want to lay off someone. 

PS: I am also writing with an anonymous name since I don't feel safe showing my name.