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That sounds awesome! 

Any thought about the process of coming up with intervention ideas?

I think there is a huge gap between the backed researched interventions to the fact there is a lack of solutions and a lot of suffering.

It seems to me that we need to invent and test new solutions. Coming up with them is challenging :)   

Not so long ago, I had a similar idea in mind, and seeing how trying to implement something like it went on for 2.5 years is insane!
Sad to see the story stops just when it's starts to give people some actual value (via messenger) :/

Do you still think it might be an efective form of intervention?
Let's say someone used it for a few months to a year, do you believe the benefits might stick after they stop? 

p.s "if only there was an app to help people with their moods, oh wait…" noce one lol :)


I am in this cross road right now, having similar background and also from Israel.
Just started a doc similar to what you described lately. Added many options there while reading this post. 
I loved the fact that you got very specific about different options\ names and didn't just stay in the problem areas. I agree that reading about actual career decision case studies can really help, and problem areas is important but can stay a bit vague.

Found it super helpful thanks!  

P.S I have a bit too many tabs opened after reading this post :)