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AFAIK @Joel Becker's introduction to EA was to find a good use for his earnings from his YouTube channel Messiseconds

Excellent post. I love to see legible, reader-friendly summaries of high-level work on the forum. About time everyone updated their baseline knowledge on UVC.

Also, huge +1 to reaching out to Max expressing interest if anyone wants to work on this and feel that they bring something valuable to the table (even if something might not be available right away). I did this about six months ago and actually ended up contributing to a project. And what a great work experience it was overall!

How long do you suggest one should spend filling out the interest form? 

I did end up in Mexico City. I plan to continue the job search from here while exploring independent contracting for some supplemental income and diverse project experience. 

- If anyone is looking for expertise in biosecurity/global health to help with ongoing projects, please reach out and delegate to me! I am new here, so I haven't gathered any "EA karma" from well-written posts yet. I would love to change that!

- I am open to ideas in up-skilling for the most impactful work I can do as a physician-scientist. Open to ideas for skills to master and funds to apply for the same. 

- Also, EAs in the Americas, take a work-cation in CDMX! The weather is excellent, and the city is energetic and green. So far, a good group of EAs have been here after the fellowship ended. I would love to keep it up!

About "PPE procurement activities."

I was on the board of directors for the NY chapter of AAEM ( American Academy of Emergency Medicine), as a student representative. During the first wave of COVID in NYC, we were tasked by the leadership with a PPE procurement drive; this was later delegated to medical students around the city who were eager to help with the COVID effort and who had a lot of free time due to suspended classes. The drive was quite successful at a time when manual resources to track down suppliers, warehouse stocks, and sifting through the black market sources was difficult for hospital administrators. 

Having seen this process up close, done by the volunteer time of medical students, the price tag of  ~1M$ for this seems exceptionally ridiculous. The PPE procurement activities they proposed must have either been on an entirely different scale/direction or just over budgeted.


Looking at the text's tone, it seems like this is about community-building, residential fellowships. As opposed to research fellowships which are basically jobs. What other contexts is the word ‘fellowship’ used in ?

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