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How long do you suggest one should spend filling out the interest form? 

I did end up in Mexico City. I plan to continue the job search from here while exploring independent contracting for some supplemental income and diverse project experience. 

- If anyone is looking for expertise in biosecurity/global health to help with ongoing projects, please reach out and delegate to me! I am new here, so I haven't gathered any "EA karma" from well-written posts yet. I would love to change that!

- I am open to ideas in up-skilling for the most impactful work I can do as a physician-scientist. Open to ideas for skills to master and funds to apply for the same. 

- Also, EAs in the Americas, take a work-cation in CDMX! The weather is excellent, and the city is energetic and green. So far, a good group of EAs have been here after the fellowship ended. I would love to keep it up!

About "PPE procurement activities."

I was on the board of directors for the NY chapter of AAEM ( American Academy of Emergency Medicine), as a student representative. During the first wave of COVID in NYC, we were tasked by the leadership with a PPE procurement drive; this was later delegated to medical students around the city who were eager to help with the COVID effort and who had a lot of free time due to suspended classes. The drive was quite successful at a time when manual resources to track down suppliers, warehouse stocks, and sifting through the black market sources was difficult for hospital administrators. 

Having seen this process up close, done by the volunteer time of medical students, the price tag of  ~1M$ for this seems exceptionally ridiculous. The PPE procurement activities they proposed must have either been on an entirely different scale/direction or just over budgeted.


Looking at the text's tone, it seems like this is about community-building, residential fellowships. As opposed to research fellowships which are basically jobs. What other contexts is the word ‘fellowship’ used in ?

Qn: Where is the closest EA community base to the US? How accesible is the USA from it (US Consulate)?

Context: I am recently let go from my job while on a visa in the states. Which means I have to leave the US within the next 7 days. I would like to live somewhere close to the US where I can find community so that I don't loose momentum to do the intense work that job search needs. I tend to be really affected by the energy of where I am; I work best in cities, I tend to sleep most on a countryside.

This might also be a good resource for people who are not able to enter the US for any reason whatsoever. I am assuming a longterm housing community in a nomad friendly place like CDMX would do wonders for people wishing to be within +/- 3 hours of timezone of their American colleagues.

I am quite new to EA and here are some of my novice thoughts reading this post:

  • I am non white and non male and usually have a very low threshold for when social gatherings make me feel aware of those two facts. EA community has hardly made me feel so.
  • I am neurodivergent as well, my partner for the last 2 years was too. I’d say I am more emotionally present than outright Aspergers. I have seen that my requests to consider emotions and rational explanations for them have been well appreciated and incorporated into actions by my partner. Our relationship gets stronger the more it is talked about. The phrasing of ‘shouldnt do Xyz cz it will alienate aspy EAs’ is very biased IMO. And counterproductive to the issue
  • As much as we hate it, EA has a status issue. EA forum is a place for elite (written) stuff. I have heard people say they hate posts talking about emotional stuff/experiences or anything that is not jargon or math heavy. I don't know what to do about it, I am just saying OPs experience rings a bell.
  • I have been hit on at EAGs when not seeking that, it is as annoying as it ever is. I usually brush it off by rationalising that the person probably has a terrible social radar (aspy) and doesn't know how to not act. Hence I don't report it thinking ‘probably wasnt their intention’. I realise doing so never addresses the issue
  • As someone who has been broken up with before because someone acted on a joke told to them in a very serious 80k career call, cz they thought that was the right thing to do even if that broke them, I know that groups running EA cannot entirely control the actions of aspy members. But EAs do respond to well rounded discussions and numbers. We just need to open up dialogue about this.
  • I recently worked for an EA organization and went in expecting loving caring environment to solve the best problems. I left feeling burnt out, unheard and drowned in the religiousness of the cause. Might be an isolated singular experience but I was tired of feeling guilty for taking time off for myself. Even though doing that was highly encouraged explicitly. -How many new EAs have stopped doing things that they derived pleasure from after joining? Stopped having out with Non-EA friends because ‘they don't get it’ or ‘its too much to explain’. How many miss both things? - good polling qns IMO. Go out and grab a boba tea with that one friend that chats a lot about Netflix. You will be fine. Better even.

(I have written this in bed without being mindful of using jargon to appeal to a certain group of people. I intended to do that.)