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I just read the interview on Vox and he sounded very cynical. I didn't and still don't know SBF very well, so don't know if this is a usual tone for him or not, but the conversation leading into the quoted bit was him saying that people take good/bad perspectives unfairly. Given the situation that happened with CZ (rival, possible back stabber) it sounded like a bitter moment to me rather than a genuine comment on his stance about ethics. The commentary about him in the crypto world is so negative and demonising that I can see why he might be cynical about it, esp for those who supposedly shared his vision but turned their back on him as soon as there was rumour of an issue. Not defending him, but just saying he may be fixated on the recent turn of events, and may be feeling defensive rather than compassionate about the losses during the interview. His portion of the DMs were not very coherent anyway. 

All this to say: I don't know how much this reflects his views. The quote itself read like the 2nd option to me (a lie to win reputation (edit: not necessarily money)), but it also just sounds like commentary about his rival's tactics on him that set the catalyst for his bankruptcy, that he's hung up on.  

I love this idea and found this post because I was specifically looking for a way to record AND SHARE donations! 

I'm no dev but would be happy to fund such a project or a tracker app (similar to a budgeting app) and would be happy to help get it off the ground. I don't think it would even be that pricey. 

I think sharing is a big motivator not only to encourage others, but also to feel connected to the wider community. I'd love to have something like that to track my own 'achievement' while being able to share with like-minded friends (even if not 'everyone'). And as you say it's a good way to encourage others.

We normalise saving/budgeting for a range of income levels (ie not only for necessities) and I feel like this would help to normalise giving as well. 

Seriously hmu with ways to make it happen :) 

PS I have some experience in UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design