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The European Union has a brand new European Artificial Intelligence Office (AI Office), to enact the new EU AI Act. More details here.

Two roles are currently open, Technology Specialist and Administrative Assistant. I will give some details for the Technology Specialist role here (based on a recent livestream/Q&A). This is a role for Software Developers, Research Scientists, Hardware Experts, and more. They expect to hire 80-100 people within the next 2 years.

Salary: Standard for certain EU office roles. Fluid, depends on experience and family status, but examples figures included ~4000 (EUR per month) for a junior candidate and ~6500 for an experienced one with children.

Location: Brusseles (Belgium) or Luxembourg (Luxembourg). Hybrid/full, up to 3 days/week remotely, the rest in one of the two offices.

Application: Technology Specialist (download and open doc for more details), open until 2024-03-27 (in 7 days).

Minimum Requirements (summarized):

  • EU Citizen
  • Know 2 EU languages (at least one of them thoroughly (C3), the other one must be ENG/FRA/GER and can be at B2 level).
  • Master's degree
  • At least 1 year of relevant professional experience with AI

Suggested skills (copied from document):

  • Professional experience in an international and multicultural environment;
  • Knowledge/understanding of AI technologies
  • Knowledge/understanding of EU policies in the fields relevant to the profile;
  • Knowledge/experience of regulatory supervision and enforcement in any related domain;
  • Experience and understanding of audit & control systems;
  • Additional expertise or academic background in law-related matters;

The tasks and role are not set in stone, because the AI Office does not exist yet; it will be built within the next year, and specific duties will be decided in the future. Tasks may include (summarized):

  • Evaluate AI models, classify them, assess how risky they are
  • Write documents about guidelines, codes of practice, standards, etc
  • Analyze and investigate infringements to the AI Act
  • Develop tools to help with the above, such as benchmarks
  • Contribute to future policies
  • Monitor the AI ecosystem

More details here and in the .docx files within the links at the bottom of that page.

I recently saw two job posts, one for Giving What We Can and one for Effektiv Spenden. Both of them seemed to be based on this template (the 2nd one was confirmed to be created with Yonatan's advice), and I have to say, they were some of the best job posts I've ever seen. This should be the new standard!

I'm particularly a fan of:

  • Precise description of the interview stages
  • In-depth explanation of what the company does
  • In-depth explanation of which new features are planned and the candidate would be expected to work on
  • Saying which technical skills will be used, and which technical skills are similar enough to be helpful, rather than imposing a hard line
  • Being upright about salary range