Validation Specialist @ Abbott Pharma
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Bachelor's and Master's in Biotechnology. PhD in Bio-organic chemistry, Netherlands. Working in Pharmaceutical manufacturing since 2019, Netherlands.

<Donation> Donating EA charities since 2020 (Try Giving). Giving Pledge (10% annual income) commitment since 2022. Considering investing to give more in the future.

<Career> <looking to transition to India in a couple of years> Working in plant based or cell cultured meat companies? Work for a Global health based NGOs in India (eg, Charity entrepreneurship incubated charities)?

<Key uncertainties> With my background what kind of position (in India) can I apply for at Global health based NGOs in India (eg, Charity entrepreneurship incubated charities) Eg: Operations? Researcher? M&E?

What are the opportunities in India to work on plant based or cell cultured meat companies?

In career planning don't know if I should build skills (as suggested by Holden) or build career capital.

On sentience, not sure if fish, insects and molluscs can suffer much.

Have to further explore the longtermist view of EA

How others can help me

Help with and discuss on the topics of uncertainties stated above.

Examples of EA professionals to know what career paths are out there.

Connecting with potential EA employers to evaluate personal fit.

How I can help others

Tips for fund raising for effective charities in ur social circle. Book reading club. Can provide an introduction to EA principles. Any queries related to Research in Biotechnology and Operations in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing.


Hi all. Attending my first EA conference at EAGx virtual was an amazing experience. Thank you to all the organizers and contributors :)

Value add: 

  1. Found a potential match to collaborate/consult on one interesting project in Farmed Animal Welfare space. 
  2. Connected with about 10-15 cool people in the community with whom I would be comfortable to ask a favor or questions. Prior to the event, knew only 1-2 within EA movement. 
  3. Discovered Giving Green at a session. Giving Green is likely to influence a portion (10-20 %) of my annual donations for 2022 or 2023 (based on when they publish their first recommendations).
  4. Discovered BlueDot Impact programmes and applied for it (Himanshu).
  5. On the mental health front, going to try personal growth app called Vivid (Gidi Kadosh talk), read/refer to https://www.eamentalhealthnavigator.com/ and try a free call with a coach.
  6. Learned about one strategy for networking and increasing my visibility: Posting regularly on EA forum or other EA blogs (Aditya).
  7. Learned about one strategy to make the transition into EA careers: Volunteer at multiple orgs (small projects) to assess personal fit and the need at the org (Aditya). Going to try volunteering at one org as a trial run.
  8. Got recommendations to read 80k career profiles, speak with people from Animal Advocacy Careers and read their resources on current job role bottlenecks in Farmed Animal Welfare space.