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I think it is actually great that different orgs start out on the same idea. This way, they can make experiences in parallel and share their experience to later specialize, merge or simply complement each other.

P.S.: I hear of all the orgs mentioned today for the first time, maybe someone should create a doc or something so they can be found / find each other and coordinate with the other orgs.

@wesg: I really liked your OR post.

I think both your ideas can have a lot of impact. If you start doing data for good competitions or challenges, please notify me, I think there are lots of computer science, industrial engineers and data science student in my area in Germany, that would like to participate in such competitions (at universities in Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Heidelberg and Darmstadt).

Thank you for writing that post, it really resonated with me. I worked a lot in industry projects with a students group that was doing lean / kaizen projects with partners from indistry so that students could get a feeling of how to optimize processes going from current state to a planned state using PDCA-cycles. I am happy to find other people with that operations mindset in EA.

I just stumbled over this slightly older post with open problems in EA software. Yonatan Cale might be a good contact for the use of your Skillset and ideas

I find your ideas very interesting and they sound like they would fit into FTX Future Funds' "EA Ops" project idea for the next funding round or into EA infrastructure funding. I was also thinking about doing some need mining among EA orgs to find out about pain points that could be addressed by processual or technoological improvements. Is there anyone already working on this?