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Preventing a US-China war as a policy priority

Adding my voice as a Chinese mainlander, insofar as someone may look for it, to support this as a clear and concise article that

  1. Explains the high-level history quite well (the Alison Kaufman quote actually ignited my nationalistic fire heh)
  2. Captures the feeling of the status-quo well
  3. Somewhat contradicts mainlanders' intuitions about Taiwanese attitudes
  4. Seems well informed, idk I'm not well informed
  5. Made me more worried

Also thumbs up: above-my-expectations EA post about China

Preventing a US-China war as a policy priority

Heh amazing braintwister!

What, consequentially speaking, a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is (maximally) good, actually?

Perspectives on animal advocacy in China

Yep, this tracks with my understanding quite well! Glad it's out here. Although the degree to which the Chinese internet is hostile to foreign ideologies might be understated.


Also I'd like to offer to help polish your website's Chinese a bit as a native speaker╭╮╭╮