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What are the bad EA memes? How could we reframe them?

You know, my take on this is that instead of resisting comparisons to Terminator and The Matrix, they should just be embraced (mostly). "Yeah, like that! We're trying to prevent those things from happening. More or less."

The thing is, when you're talking about something that sounds kind of far out, you can take one of two tactics: you can try to engineer the concept and your language around it so that it sounds more normal/ordinary, or you can just embrace the fact that it is kind of crazy, and use language that makes it clear you understand that perception.

So like, "AI Apocalypse Prevention"?

Simple comparison polling to create utility functions

I like this! UI suggestion: instead of "The first option is 5x as valuable as the second option", I would insert the sentence between them in the middle: " 5x as valuable as...". Or if you're willing to mess up marginal/total utility, you could format it as "One [X] is worth as much as five [Y]", which I think would help it be more concrete to most people.

Clickhole's take on cause prioritization

Clickhole is in fact no longer owned by The Onion! It was bought by the Cards Against Humanity team in early 2020. (link)

I also consider their famous article Heartbreaking: The Worst Person You Know Just Made A Great Point an enormous contribution to the epistemic habits of the internet.

Open Thread: August 2021

hi, i'm skluug! i've been consuming EA-sphere content for a long time and have some friends who are heavily involved, but i so far haven't had much formal engagement myself. i graduated college this year and have given a few thousand dollars to the AMF (i signed up for the GWWC Pledge back in college and enjoy finally making good on it!). i'm interested in upping my engagement with the community and hopefully working towards a career with direct impact per 80k recommendations (i'm a religious 80k podcast listener).