Sloane Ortel

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It will be difficult to effectively counteract this on a long-term basis without building a center of power that's:

  • Comparable in influence to today's animal agriculture lobby, 
  • Inseparably dedicated to the welfare of all living things, and 
  • Able to sustain itself indefinitely through business activity. 

I say this because the animal ag lobby is expert at shifting the debate, and no matter how comprehensively we rebut the case for space-based slaughterhouses on practical and moral grounds, they will simply float trial balloon after trial balloon until unstudied observers are fooled into thinking that their approach is grounded in deep research rather than tactful astroturfing. 

That means we need to develop, refine, and popularize approaches to capital allocation that put ethics first. Which is easier said than done, but over the long term the only way to counteract this pressure is to build a societal soft infrastructure that's not just motivated to counteract it, but also incentivized to do so. 

I'm working on this from an investment standpoint - I'm the founder of Invest Vegan - and am hopeful that over the long term the companies we invest in will recast our collective sense of what's possible. 

But the more the merrier, you know?