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A Twitter Bot that regularly tweets current top posts from the EA Forum

That's the one! OP, I think some version of this is definitely worth implementing/revival. I often share various EA articles on my personal twitter feed, and I know people (for example Stefan Schubert) who share EA articles, which captures an audience (that find the content interesting/engaging) that do not always read the EAF regularly.

A Twitter Bot that regularly tweets current top posts from the EA Forum

I thought something like this already existed but I could be mistaken.

A ranked list of all EA-relevant documentaries, movies, and TV series I've watched

Will check some of these out. Not sure if this fits your criteria but a personal favourite is the documentary about Aaron Swartz.

Writing about my job: Internet Blogger

Thanks for this - one of my favourite blogs!

Few questions (not all directly related to the job, so feel free to skip all/any of them):

  1. How do you think blogging compares to other careers available to you in terms of impact?
  2. Why not set up a Patreon (I'm aware you've got some grants)?
  3. Why remain pseudonymous?
  4. Why the name ADS?
Making impact researchful

"For some projects, a small adjustment could unlock huge academic value." Would you be able to provide examples please?

Economics PhD application support - become a mentee!

Good idea! May be worth reaching out to the LSE Econ PhD programme (I see you're attending!), who trialled something similar last year for underrepresented backgrounds (in order to get some feedback on what applicants want).

I think a good addition to this would be providing help to people applying for pre-docs as well, given how important they have become in the profession.

Inbreeding and global health & development

I should have added the following statement. If anyone would like a quick chat about researching cousin marriage, feel free to message me.

Caveat: I'm still fairly new to the topic (there's a lot of non-econ literature) but can try to help wherever possible. 

Inbreeding and global health & development

I'm currently actively working on this in my PhD (I'm an Economist), which developed from one of my pre-PhD courses. I have a few different ideas and am currently applying for funding for them. Truthfully, this is not one of my core research interests but I think it's relatively fertile ground for research/publication and I have some nice co-authors that I'm working with, so I don't have to devote too much time to the topic. 

A few points:

  1. The negative biological effects seem to be severe where there is persistent cousin marriage. Otherwise it seems that  the impact may not be too bad.
  2. Often the social benefits of consanguinity outweigh the biological disadvantages, particularly in rural regions. For example, some studies seem to show a reduction in domestic violence, greater female autonomy, closer family relations, better retirement etc.
  3. Many of the existing studies are not particularly empirically sound. Lots of selection bias, poor stats, and questionable IVs.
  4. Schulz et al. suggest there's a link between reducing cousin marriage and democracy, which I find quite interesting (although some have critiqued this). There may also be a relationship between cousin marriage and lower long-run economic growth.
  5. There's some interesting work being done on potential interventions. For example, the link between education and cousin marriage and the link between a wealth shock and choice of spouse. My paper is proposing an intervention as well.
What should CEEALAR be called?

I strongly dislike this and think it gives off the wrong impression about the purpose of the Hotel.

A proposal for a small inducement prize platform


  1. I like the idea
  2. Think it will work
  3. Also like the idea of using Metaculus to forecast this
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