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The Future: Where are the Colors and the Sports?

Interesting point. I suppose in general the future is simplified because it's just too complex to show it all. Just like the past is often boiled down to some chosen events or people, when in reality lots of stuff was going on everywhere.

It would be fun to read sci-fi, or other speculative fiction, which tells smaller and more intimate stories. Becky Chambers is good at this (and the fleet in the book record of a space born few does have water ball championships). It would be cool to see a sport story set in the future.

When it comes to the positive impact of large sporting events I'm a little uncertain though. In my city there's a huge societal cost to the larger tournaments since so much police is required to guard the public spaces. And many people seem to go to the games simply for the tribal feeling rather than that they enjoy the technical feats of the players. Maybe this tribal feeling is something that can't be escaped and needs an outlet which sport is suitable for. I'm not sure.

Open Thread: Spring 2022

Hi! I got recommendation to join the forums because of my reflections about what I should focus on in my career. Is it allowed to write a post on the forum which is not making a specific proposition but rather is asking for advice and providing discussion points for commenters? Or should that be posted as a question?

The "feeling of meaning" vs. "objective meaning"

Yes I'm also interested in the feeling of having a purpose is important for well being. I think it's tied to social bonds. Since we evolved as pack animals we've evolved to want to serve a purpose in a group. As our societies has expanded our ideas of purpose has become more broad and we can know feel purpose in widely different things. But it still seems to be tied social bonds. Like with religion being part of the community gives the sense of meaning.