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Are we accounting for all factors here?

  • The human right not to be born, not to be used as a means to an end, the lack of consent, the risk (guarantee) of harm.
  • You have to (in an ideal world) walk past the orphanage to get to the Pregnancy Care Centre, or IVF unit. What does that do to your psychology in the long run?
  • Also, a' la Oskar Schindler, you will have an extra 70 malarial deaths on your conscience. Does that guilt just disappear? Does it really translate to 'even better parenting'?
  • Perhaps you have too much leisure money set aside? And could your spare time not be spent looking after existing children?
  • Less intelligent and less effective people aren't going to doff their caps and make way for you and your stroller. They will want to get some too, and compete with you. Breeding for power (or for doing good) sends all the wrong messages, elitism being just one of them.
  • Advocating not breeding and giving the money away instead will really impress people. Perhaps cause a huge positive chain reaction. Why do you think they would be so turned off? At least stick with 'because I just want to' and let your honesty gain their respect. I'm not saying we have to be anti-parent, hostile, or make it mandatory, but actively congratulating and encouraging? Anyway they can always set up their own Procreator-EA group. Why do the job for them?