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Very nice- where did you first hear about Feed My Starving Children? 

Hi Arturo! I am currently working as a software developer intern at Indeed, and live in Berkeley. I'm helping out BASIS (the UC Berkeley AIS group) with logistics and event planning, as well as helping make Rob Miles TikTok videos, volunteering for Solar4Africa on their small solar car project to implement a "data collection phone" which records GPS and photos,  self studying linear algebra and going through the AGISF with a group. 

I'm interested in developing the skills and habits that will help me learn sustainably, and achieve academic excellence in college. I want to work on mini-projects within the projects listed above, that I'm passionate about (such as adding a feature on the BASIS website to interact with a graphical representation of the AIS pipeline), learning how to animate (for the TikTok videos, in a way that adds value and retention),  and start doing more hands on work, such as wet labs, sewing, or building an electric bike, to re-discover my passion for biology and hands on work.