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As an EA, Should I renounce my US citizenship?

My brother is renouncing his citizenship for tax purposes, since he wants to do algorithmic trading and doesn't want all of his capital to get taxed away at short term capital gains tax rates every step of the way such that there isn't as much left to be invested to continue grow. He calls it "compounding taxes", and you can lose a ton of the upside of investing due to it. This seems to be a big reason most people can't beat the market. If you don't do any trades, you won't get some of your money sucked away to taxes and will have more money left to grow. So you not only have to do better than the stock market to "beat the market", you have to do so much better that even after taxes you have still done better. I can't advise you on whether or not it's a good idea for you, but if you do this, there may be places you can get dual citizenship that allow you to travel most places with only a passport / without a visa. My brother used Nomad Capitalist heavily as a resource.

Could GiveWell create a cryptocurrency to raise a lot of money?

No problem. I thought maybe if GiveWell was exceedingly straightforward and included something in their page about the crypto saying something like "Let us be very clear, this is a speculative investment with zero intrinsic investment value. More people will lose money than will gain money by investing in this coin. We advise you not to invest in it. However, if people are going to invest in speculative coins anyways, at least this one will save thousands of lives." then it might be reasonable, but I understand if people are of the opinion that it has too many reputation downsides/risks for GiveWell.