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Hi all! I'm planning to think through cause / path prioritization to inform my career plans and have laid out a high-level plan for this process. If anyone has a chance to take a look at it and leave any feedback that comes to mind, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

Relatedly, is there any chance you'd consider people who have recently completed undergrad, but aren't grad students (e.g. are currently working in the corporate sector)?

Thanks everyone for the comments & resources!

Interesting--do you have any sources for the evidence suggesting "that donation matching may not actually lead to people who donations are matched to necessarily donate more out of their own pocket"?

Edit: is this what you were referring to?  source  (in the "offer a matching donation" row)

There is some evidence that the presence of a match does increase out-of-pocket donations (Karlan and List); however, it works in an unpredictable way and may act simply as a signal. It may even be counterproductive (Huck and Rasul, '11), better to be simply a 'lead gift'. However, we have evidence from only a few selected field experiments, not from a broad range of settings. Meier ('07) finds the positive (participation?) effect may be crowded-out in the longer run when the match is removed.