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I believe that being altruistic can be self-rewarding. But in the society in which I have grown, studied and I'm living, to renounce the option of ascending on the corporate scale or of succeeding if you own a business, would indicate that you are bringing and using effectively all your capabilities , strength and knowledge to overcome in the endeavor .

This feeling of intrinsic vital failure, at least in my case, would be independent of the opinion of others. That is why I am firmly convinced that it is quite possible that our lifestyle based on consumption, it doesn't entail happiness but if we do not use as much as feasible your abilities you will not be happy either.

That is why, in my opinion, altruistic activity and professionalism consumerism are not antagonists, they are different.

An altruist needs to be approved/admired by his or her surroundings , or receiving the thanks of the beneficiary or being paid by his her own self-esteem.