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I am from Europe (Spain) , I am surprised that none has mentioned ( at least I have nout found any comment on the matter ) the harm to the poors (individuals , countries and continents) as well as to the farming industry , among other activities , that the huge international business corruption has made and is making woldwide.

In my humble opinion, the What and the Why should take into consideration the real businesses behaviours and corruption is not only detrimental to the subject that has been corrupted but in the long term to the corruptor too.

In my view Ethics and Effective Charity have the obligation to fight againts corruption , sort of moral cancer more or less admited as necessary to maintain the business motor running .


Not being a mother or father might be an option however it is difficult to be maintained as human nature drives us to have descendents .In my view for not suffering a breakdown either you are strong and fully convinced or you need to go for a paliative as the one explained in the text.