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An advantage of asking people to give 10% of their pre-tax income is that there is no coordination problem. Right now very few people give 10% but I do. And my money is doing good (with high probability). If I have a goal of helping people then it is highly rational for me to donate to certain charities.

On the other hand, unless you are unusually wealthy or famous, personal efforts to change politics will probably have no effect. If I dress more normally and tone down my political views maybe I can convince a slightly higher percentage of my friends. But this is going to translate into changes in the law. If every "weird" person changed their behavior maybe more good laws could get passed. But given that I am a normal person why should I "normalize" myself if I am not going to get any tangible results.

Given my analysis I do not suggest people try to act more normal. Unless you are in an unusual position trying to change politics is a waste of time of energy. Politics is much less useful than doing things like helping out other first world members. Be nicer to your friends and family. Don't spend energy or censor yourself in an attempt to change politics.