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Yes, I like their work! It is great that there are many complementing ways to learn these important topics. Although I have not yet found a good comprehensive playlist for those who want to learn by watching a summary of important concepts.

EA project someone should do: EA restaurant!

Poor diet is a leading cause of animal suffering, environmental problems, bad health and disease.
EA Restaurant serving healthy, animal and environmentally friendly food could have a big impact to change this!

Unique combo so no one has dealbreaker:

  • Fast
  • Healthy
  • Vegan
  • Cheap
  • Ethical
  • Environmental

Has several unique EA selling points:

  • Could give profits to GiveWell to improve awareness.
  • Could organize/hosts/inform about local EA events.
  • Could share recipes and encourage better health.
  • Could inform about which food is best and why.
  • Could increase awareness of EA community by having posters/The Pledge discount.

For reference:
Something you should know Podcast episode: Fast food is big health issue and no existing restaurant is solving the issue

Answer by Stenemo2

Is there a good article and Youtube video that summarizes arguments for/against meat eating? Ie objective analysis that goes through the best arguments for all sides

Related to <b>Status Quo Bias</b>: If the status quo you're defending was considered an extreme opinion, would you still argue for it?

Trying to decide if this is a good example and how to phrase it: Where it is status quo to eat meat few argue against it. Depending on culture, it is status quo to • Eat beef/pork/horse/dog/rodent/snail/insect • Not eat animals The reasons given to not eat some animals are inconsistent with what people eat. If people made decision by reasoning, these cultural differences would be minor. Cultural status quo keep these cultural differences.

Great initiative! Are you thinking of making a "best of", with perhaps 50 most important, timeless knowledge cards? Would be great!

For exempel I hope that in 50 years we don't need to know about the 2020 conflict in The Galwan Valley.

My Effective Altruism deck  is far from comprehensive, and most cards still lack good sources for learning more about a topic, but I am updating it from feedback. Corrections and collaborators also welcome!  

Great idea to make a list of EA decks!

Perhaps the initial post can be updated to organize the decks by category (AI, other cause areas, practical knowledge/skills, specific books, etc)? Would also highlight which categories are missing.

I have made the Wisdom project decks to share important practical knowledge collected from hundreds of great videos, podcasts and books. I think most EA community members could benefit from several things in it.

Part 1 together with part 2 is the most comprehensive deck on core life skills (important practical knowledge) I am aware of. Each card is high quality with references  to confirm the validity and enable learning more about a topic of interest.

I am updating it from feedback. Corrections and collaborators are also welcome!

Answer by Stenemo5

I think it would be very beneficial to take advantage of a complementary software like Anki.

great article! 

using an accountability system (eg accountability partner)

is another great way of handling this!

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