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(Even) More Early-Career EAs Should Try AI Safety Technical Research

Great post. Although there seems to be quite a lot of interest in AI safety in the EA community, the number of technical AI safety researchers is still surprisingly small. I spent some time estimating the number of researchers and I think the 100-200 number sounds right to me as an order of magnitude estimate.

Given AI safety technical research is so important and neglected, it seems like a high-impact field to get into. The field is still relatively immature and therefore there could be many low-hanging insights to discover.

How dath ilan coordinates around solving AI alignment

Thanks for the summary. I think the dath ilan world is a really interesting concept and useful for thinking about how to maximize the chance of the alignment problem being solved.

500 Million, But Not A Single One More

Maybe someone will write an essay like this about aging in a few decades when we find a solution for it.

Expected Value

Great post. I think it explains the important concept of expected value in a simple way.