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Thanks for this post. As someone hesitant to post on the forum, I would add that I am sometimes unsure if a large number of forum readers would actually be interested in a specific idea or topic I would want to write about. It might be nice if there were sub-forums for people interested in researching and learning about specific areas - that way, it would be virtually guaranteed that everyone reading the post would be interested in the content. On the other hand, it might make the space less interdisciplinary.

This is a really good article, thanks sbehmer.

I have actually been working on an article for the EA forum on shareholder activism, which I expect to be able to post within a the next week or so. I work in a related field, so I have seen and heard of various examples of corporate engagement happening.

I think I am much more bullish on shareholder activism than you are, specifically, I believe the "ReturnLoss" on share prices due to proxy campaigns can, in a significant number of cases, be negative, as it was in the Engine no. 1 proxy fight (the share price appreciated in value by nearly 50% due to the governance shakeup). I'll put more details in the article.

If you would be interested in giving me feedback on my article before I post it, let me know!