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I want to continually act on my personal and social responsibility in the best, most effective, and sustainable way I can. I am an optimising social worker who thinks creatively and critically, am skilled in developing inception and early-stage social enterprises, policy making, project development & management, international/ intercultural communication and collaboration, curriculum development, quality evaluation, training, and teaching, content development, editing, and writing. I am a driven generalist with experience in child and women welfare, intersectional social justice and mental health, education, and disability, and would love to pursue a high impact and dynamic career in Effective Altruism.

How others can help me

If you have come across gaps or things you wish existed in the research, literature, and general impact of EA, please reach out to me as I am looking for those for my PhD research topic.  If it sits on an intersection of Political Science, Moral Philosophy, and Practical Ethics, it'd be all the more helpful. Thanks!

How I can help others

If you have questions about intersectional social justice and intersectional mental health, I can help. 


Thanks so much for the elaborate and helpful response! This is great to know. 

Thanks so much for the response. Excited to see CE grow further. 

Thank you so much for the detailed response. Very helpful!

As CE is quite impactful and there’s an urgent need for evidence-based, high-impact nonprofits working on an array of cause areas all over the world, are any talks or movements happening for the upscaling and diversification of CE, for instance, starting CE regional branches or broad cause area branches?         Thanks!

Is there a deferral option (to the next cycle) for selected candidates who for some reason won’t be able to join the program cycle they applied for?      Thanks 

As not every incubatee of the program starts a charity, could you provide some information on the procedure for further selection of founders, if any, during the program? Information regarding other processes that lead to this outcome would be helpful too.

Could you perhaps shed some light on  considerations, if any, made to better suit candidates and incubatees from non-European countries, given that there are many neglected ( & potentially high-impact) cause and intervention areas outside of Europe?

Could you elaborate on the kind of support and network opportunities CE incubatees from non-European countries get access to, especially after the end of the program, and is there support for relocation?