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"If elites haven't already thought of/decided to implement these ideas, they're probably not very good. I won't explain why. " 

"Posting your thoughts on the EA Forum is complaining, but I think you will fail if you try to do anything different. I won't explain why, but I will be patronising." 

"Meaningful organisational change  comes from the top down, and you should be more polite in requesting it. I doubt it'll do anything, though." 

Do you see any similarities between your response here and the problems highlighted by the original post, Buck? 

The tone policing, dismissing criticism out of hand, lack of any real object-level engagement, pretending community responsibility doesn't exist, and patronisingly trying to shut down others is exactly the kind of chilling effect that this post is drawing attention to. 

The fact that a comment from a senior community member has led to deference from other community members, leading to it becoming the top-voted comment, is not a surprise. But support for such weak critiques (using vague dismissals that things are 'likely net-negative' or just stating his own opinion with little to no justifications) is pretty low, however. 

And the wording is so patronising and impolite, too. What a perfect case study in the kinds of behaviours EA should no longer tolerate.