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Uhm. This would take another very long post.

Suffice to say I don't interact with EA all that much mainly because I will not provide personal information to a google-docs form.

In line with previous remark: using google is perfectly fine. Once (nearly) all lines of communications rely on google there might be some problems, e.g. you won't hear a lot from me.

Awesome! Might I suggest linking it on your landing page as well?

And for all those with a personal homepage, supplying your key-id/fingerprint in header/footer/contact-details is good practice to advertise the key and avoid confusions later.

Thank you for asking. Allow me to emphasize: I'm not suggesting you should replace your current setup and switch to use encrypted channels, I'm saying you should add the capability to receive encrypted messages to your portfolio.

You could generate GPG-keys for your gmail account in any GPG-capable app, even thunderbird. Keep using Gmail's webmail to your hearts content. Should an encrypted email arrive, pull out the app you chose and decrypt that one email, possibly answer / store / sing a song about it, and forget you even have that app until the next encrypted mail arrives. Or you want to send one yourself.

Regarding specific upsides: Those should read "I know several precise upsides, though I don't want to argue how likely they are to occur." Could you suggest improvements to my post to reflect that more clearly?