Tania Doles

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New to EA. Spent 5+ years at startups. Most recently was a product and operations manager working for a company that sought to diversify the tech industry. I have a science background with a Master’s in Science and Technology Studies - Sociology. Within the past year, I returned to my home state of Virginia after living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I now live near Richmond, only a couple of hours south of D.C.


This was a joy to read, and I couldn't agree more!

Hi Sofia, thank you for the great article. I relate to this topic as a woman of color and a first-generation college student. I can attest that I was often discouraged from learning more about this field out of several fears (I won't get into them here). Let's just say, I hope to be part of new efforts to help increase DEI while doing the most good.

Cheers, Tania