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    Re Omicron-specific boosters -- I'd love some ideas about what to do here.  Orgs like 1DaySooner are helpful for advocacy but I don't see any path to the kind of speed we need here. 

    And even Pfizer seems to think that there isn't a reason for urgency right now (WaPo):

    “I believe, in principle, we will at a certain time point need a new vaccine against this new variant. The question is how urgent this needs to be available,” CEO Ugur Sahin told a conference hosted by Reuters.

    I'm struggling to see a plausible intervention at all here.

    (This is Dave Orr, on the board at Packard.)

    (Copied from below from before there was this thread.)

    Thanks for this very well argued piece.

    I think the central claim is that this area is under studied and that we should fund a ~4 person team to investigate more.

    Is there a more specific grant proposal available? Or to put it another way, is there a shovel-ready project that we could quickly fund?

    Depending on the size and cost of the project, I may be able to help. Happy to continue this conversation over email if you prefer.