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I don't know about elsewhere, but at least in the Bay the notion that people might have spare rooms they've just forgotten to consider renting out is downright funny.

When to get a vaccine in the Bay Area as a young healthy person

There are not currently a bunch of openings (probably because eligibility just expanded).

Long-Term Future Fund: April 2019 grant recommendations

"Mikhail Yagudin ($28,000): Giving copies of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality to the winners of EGMO 2019 and IMO 2020"

Why does this cost so much?

Towards Better EA Career Advice

It seems like the main issue here is a disconnect between how 80k is generally described, including in its own guide ("career advice for EAs"/"how to use your career to increase your impact"), and 80k's own internal vision of what it is ("how to solve important problems by directing talented people at them"). It seems that the former is a misrepresentation of the latter and people including 80k should stop misrepresenting it.

Burnout: What is it and how to Treat it.

Yes! I have independently discovered this exact same thing for myself, though my terminology is almost the opposite of yours - I think I had always thought of "rest days" as days mostly spent in front of the TV or online (corresponding to your Recovery Days), whereas what I now realize I need to do regularly is "doing whatever I want" days, which I also sometimes call "desire days" - I end up doing a lot of things I don't really think of as rest but which are much more restorative than just resting.

(If I'm really tired or anhedonic on a designated "desire day", I end up just doing "rest day" stuff anyway; sometimes this is the right choice, other times it doesn't really help but it's better than doing "rest day" stuff on a day I had meant to get stuff done, so it's possibly still better than not setting that day aside.)

Some things I've ended up doing on desire days:

  • cooking, baking, making jam
  • putting on some music, opening the windows, and dancing around my living room
  • reading French poetry
  • learning new songs on guitar
  • having a somewhat useful emotional crisis
  • doing some self-therapy, like writing down my thoughts / working out what I care about
  • figuring out how much I owe in donations this year
  • reading and taking notes on Nate Soares' Replacing Guilt series
  • reading the 80K career guide
  • playing a typing game
  • doing things that I'm annoyed about having put off for a long time
  • fiddling with spreadsheets to make a useful graph of my mood-tracking data
  • proofreading things for people
  • laundry