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Absolutely absurd. The idea of eternal life for individuals is not what I'm referring to. But the precept that humanities current situation could ever be concerned with this is a dream of Ivory Tower fools. We can't support our current lifespans ! A world of the future that is non dystopian... and this is the winner ? Absurd. See J. Fresco 

or Barke Ingels Plan for the Planet 

for a start. Eveh they are KNOWWhere near as in nowhere near the mark. Point is : It IS Capitalist, Industrial Civilization in its Monopoly system based on the values of Money / Boss ( Fiat currency, Fractional Reserve, Central Bank monetary system / Representative Democracy (( representatives representing the financial backers IE corporations lobbies ( legalized bribery ) 2 billion US Chamber of Commerce, 2 billiion medical , billions from Defense Contractors, Real Estate, etc ) and also outright anti democracy representatives of the Republican party IE wanna be dictators like Trump and Elon ) WE NEED to think outside the box, the box is Industrial Civilization and its values: Money /Boss which replaced the Agricultural Civ. King / Land the new Electronic Civ. values are : Society / Environment with Renewables replacing fossil fuels, direct democracy replacing representative, with eco architecture replacing cities, with internal agriculture replacing factory farming, with Reciprocal Trade with Universal Income replacing monopoly money competition, how ? AS with ALL evolution: start Nano and scale exponentially: build self sufficient communities with the new values and operating mechanisms ( our civilization operates on Domination by Force: patriarchy, military, etc, ) of Democracy by Consensus , " The People" are trending for centuries from God Pharoahs to divine right of kings to Limited Representational democracy to real power not of the elite billionaires and the entire monetary empire but the real rule of the People, see how the overall world People are against the genocide in Gaza and for Ukraine kicking Putin out !  A real Peaceful future lies in the way the Bonobo : Make Love not War , and not in the current profit over people and WAR, Climate Change, and Economic Collapse from the current value and mechanism structure. Totalitarian China will not be defeated , (like a disease, dominators must be eliminated, see The Day the Earth Stood Still ) by living indefinitely , what under a 1984 ( G. Orwell ) world of Hell ? Get Real we need real Positive Futures.    www.UniTown.Us, contact me. thx Theodore