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I will no longer be writing a post as I find it very difficult to write and seeing this Twitter thread of harrasment against those critical of EA is  discouraging.

I will retract my comment.

Thank you for the suggestion. I think there are very few people in my life with whom I have mutual unconditional trust. I'm not sure if it's a term commonly used but I consider it akin to unconditional love.

I'm not sure. Things seem fine now, but within an hour of posting,  it was at -12 karma and therefore hidden to those who don't have "low karma" enabled.

I wonder my comment made a difference or whether things would have returned to normal on their own.

This is a good idea. Thank you. I will consider this carefully.

Thank you for the suggestion. This comment reminded me that some journalists do this when sharing stories of people they've interviewed.

Can someone explain to me why a sincere question asking for advice on a tricky situation is being downvoted?

I appreciate the caveats in this comment.

I hope to caveat my forthcoming post with a similar level of thoughtfulness.

Hi Chana. 

I will not be sharing further information with the team but instead creating a post outling my experiences on the EA forum.

The reason being is, I think, there should be reviews of services provided to the public (ie, the wider EA community)  by institutions - this includes the CH team at CEA - so people can make up their mind as to whether to use their service.

I appreciate that I will end up doxxing myself to the CH team and perhaps even harm my future working relations with CEA (as I've did some work for them previously) by doing this but I consider this will be net positive in informing the judgement of the wider EA community.

FYI, for those interested, I cannot make a post immediately for reasons to do with this that I also cannot explain. I hope to be able to do so in some weeks.

Retracted: Read this for why.

I would recommend NOT speaking to Catherine. 

I spoke to her about a sensitive issue, and sometime later, it turned out she lied to me about confidentiality.  I cannot share more details without accidentally doxing myself.

Retracted: Read this for why.