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[Creative Writing Contest] Reinstalling Eden

Loved it! Had to read this paragraph twice, but it's great:

Audiences sat amazed at the sacrifices you asked of them, as did I. Critics quipped that you would beggar us all in the name of harmonious circuitry.  And then there was that kid – in Milwaukee, I think – who asked what Shakespeare was worth if a click could create a hundred trillion of him?  It was the way he said “click” that caught my attention. You answered thinking his problem turned on numbers, when it was your power that he could not digest.

Pandemic prevention in German parties' federal election platforms

glad to hear that! share it far and wide ;)
yea, writing this a bit earlier would have been good, next time i guess :)

AMA: Tim Ferriss, Michael Pollan, and Dr. Matthew W. Johnson on psychedelics research and philanthropy

Thanks for doing this to you three! Two questions:

  • Do you see any social dangers from psychedelic use and the associated insights becoming more widespread? I am thinking of for example new forms of religious sectarianism through psychedelic induced spiritual insights, less caring about one's own and other people's suffering through a complete transcendence of the self and the identification with conscious states, etc.
  • Do you see any potential medical use of DMT?
AMA: JP Addison and Sam Deere on software engineering at CEA
  • What are your thoughts about the long-term future of EA discussion culture, especially on the forum?
  • Are there any ideas to extend discussions on the forum beyond the post & comment model, maybe integrating other communication forms like informal short-form text conversations, voice chat, etc.?
Deliberate Consumption of Emotional Content to Increase Altruistic Motivation

Yea, I think so too. If you have the motivation to look at a video of factory farming before entering the supermarket every time, you likely also have the motivation to just buy what you really want to buy anyway. So it would be more effective if the content is presented automatically through smartphone notifications, background images on your laptop, printed out versions around your house, etc. In any case, it could be the critical extra push for some people.

Figuring out how best/most convincingly to convey the basic EA arguments around expansion of our moral circle, realities of income distributions around the globe, disparities in effectiveness among charities etc, is also an important topic. Doing Good Better as a whole did a great job for me.

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

if im not mistaken, when you hover over the link to a post you just see the beginning of the post, right? this sometimes is not very useful. maybe you could give post creators another text field ("thumbnail"/"preview"/"tl;dr") where they can explicitly fill in what should be shown when hovering over the link. this field should probably be character limited then. this text should be displayed at the top of the post, too. (and if posters dont fill it out it could just fall back to showing the beginning of the post).

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

or written by anyone but approved by the author?

EA Forum feature suggestion thread

i would find it helpful to establish a norm to begin posts with a short (!) 'tl;dr'-section which summarizes the main results/arguments of the article, since sometimes it is hard to tell what a post is about only from the title/the preview one gets by hovering over the link.

Timeline of the wild-animal suffering movement

thanks for the summary. useful for me since i dont know a lot about this subject yet. :)

would definitely also enjoy a bit more detail about the results of the research of the last years. like what are the major camps, arguments, open questions etc

What are good sofware tools? What about general productivity/wellbeing tips?

i use evernote to keep longterm lists of books to read, business ideas, recipes, ...

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