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I am currently pursuing  an undergraduate degree in economics at the university of Bonn. I'm also a member of the EA Bonn group.


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One other counterargument is that rinderpest eradication day is on 25 May. Just two weeks after May 8.

I agree, but I feel it's very depressing above everything else. Saying: 

this is huge

 feels so wrong to me. It's like finding out there are 10 million people being tortured and saying "wow, great discovery, great research". Of course it is great research but it just sound so wrong. Every extra square filled out in green should probably feel like reading about another 10.000 people dying in Ukraine.  Of course it is very hard to feel empathy for insects on an emotional level but I guess we can try.

Wow, this is my favourite piece of EA art I've seen so far. It looks really beautiful and the fact that all the phrases are so full of optimism and span such a wide range of areas is incredibly touching. Seeing so many different interests and causes also tracks with my experience of EAs as all having very different interests but all being ultimately united in wanting to do the most good, even though their approaches might be very different. Some of my favourite phrases are: "Save the shrimp", "no more suffering", "immortality", "help AGI become the most kind & loving being", "No more cluster headaches" and of course "turn all matter into hedonium" and "stop factory farming ".

Thanks for making this.

Wow thanks for all the recommendations, i'll definitely apply for some of those programs. And I'll apply for the career counseling. :)

Thanks for all the Advice. I think I'm already doing surprisingly many things that you listed (speaking  English, meditation, instrument...) but I'll definitely start coding and read some of the books you listed. I'll consider doing a Research internship. Thanks

Hello I'm Timothy from Germany I just joined the forum after finding out about EA through Peter Singer a couple of days ago. I am just 18 years old so I still have my whole career ahead of me. I'm currently thinking about what to study and what to do in the next six months before university will start. Any suggestions welcome, especially for what to do in the next six months.