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Interesting, are you concerned that in a full-scale nuclear war that most places in the northern hemisphere would be unsafe due to military targets outside the cities and fallout?

What do you think about this Q&A on Quora about where it would be safest in the event of a nuclear war? Most of the suggested safe locations are in the southern hemisphere like New Zealand.

One possible area for exploration is around Schistosomiasis prevention, as reinfection rates appear to be high after deworming campaigns. PMA2020 has launched an annual survey to measure the impact of Schistosomiasis control programs in Uganda.

Johns Hopkins University/Center for Communication Programs in Uganda will be conducting a mass media campaign to promote Schistosomiasis prevention in fall 2017 before deworming day. The 2017 PMA2020 survey should be able to measure changes in knowledge, attitudes and practices after the mass media campaign. If there is funding in place, the 2018 PMA2020 survey may be able to measure the impact of the mass media campaign on actual infection rates.

Does anyone have ideas for exploration around Schistosomiasis prevention? With the PMA2020 survey, there is a unique opportunity for data collection to help evaluate potential Schistosomiasis prevention programs.

Disclosure: I am helping fund both the data collection and mass media program in Uganda

This year I'm supporting the Male Contraception Initiative to help fund research into non-hormonal male contraceptives.

The rationale for this is:

  • About 40% of pregnancies worldwide are unintended
  • There are limited contraceptive options for men
  • Male contraceptive research is very underfunded and there appear to be significant funding gaps.
  • Non-hormonal methods may have fewer side effects than hormonal methods.

I got interested in male contraception after reading this post about vasalgel: https://www.reddit.com/r/EffectiveAltruism/comments/4gvd40/vasalgel/

Some concerns are:

  • This research is very speculative and likely to fail
  • The cost of bringing a new contraceptive market is on the order of $100 million, and higher if you adjust for the cost of all the failures.

What would an ideal EA event look like to you? Would you like to see more discussion on earning to give and where to donate? Do you feel like earning to give is underappreciated in the EA community?

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