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Tom is based in New Zealand and is an exec member of EA Wellington. They have a background in Youth Development, Personal Development, and Outdoor Education and volunteer (for non EA orgs) in these spaces. Tom has taken the GWWC Pledge, is (only somewhat actively) looking for part time/project based work in the EA Community Build space, and in 2022 will be attending EAGx Canberra and EAG San Francisco. 


Hey CE team, 
I submitted my application a couple of days ago and I've got a question about the application process!

What are the timings for the different stages of the application process, and how much flexibility is there if someone (me, that someone is me) was going to be uncontactable for ~17 days in early November?

I submitted a version of this question with more details to your contact form a couple of days ago. I haven't heard back yet and figured a (slightly) generalised version here could be useful (mostly for me to get a the question seen by the right person, possibly for others in a similar position)

This was an entertaining, informative, and very well presented read (that also plays well to my love for systems and processes). Thanks for putting it together.

I had an adjacent thought when reading this: Not all your events need to have the same target audience or sit in the same place on the inclusivity spectrum. 

E.g. One week you might run an intro event where small groups discuss cause prioritisation, that's planned and advertised to be newcomer friendly.  Another week you might run an an in depth discussion on a policy submission the group is making that's targeted towards people who are engaged with the specific policy area. 

I'm not sure if many groups already do this, but I think it can be useful when planning events (even regular weekly events) to explicitly think about who the event is for and to communicate this (either explicitly or implicitly) when advertising the event.