Tom is based in New Zealand and does a range of things within the EA NZ and EA Wellington communities under the broad umbrella of Community Building .  They have a background in Youth Development, Personal Development, and Outdoor Education and also volunteer in these spaces. They are (only somewhat actively) looking for additional part time/project based EA work.

Tom has taken the GWWC Pledge, and is broadly cause agnostic, though is personally passionate about Improved Institutional Decision Making. 

How I can help others

I can offer: 
Support and coaching, particularly in the systems and processes space, or with making /Life Choices/

Learnings from my experience Community Building in Wellington / New Zealand, and with running EA Retreats

Discussions of systems for being a better human (e.g. Journalling, habit building, task management, knowledge management, goal achieving, Notion, communication & relationships)


Strong upvote for a thought provoking read, thanks David.

I'm not entirely sold on the argument as stated, in part due to a different experience with city group attendance - a guess (with no data to support) would say my local group has <25% of attendees attend only one event in a given year, compared to EA London's 75%; and impact - we've had a significant number of regular attendees switch to EA aligned careers in ways that seem less likely had there not been a strong community.

I agree with a weaker form of the argument, that "National EA groups shouldn’t (primarily) focus on city groups" and as a result of reading this will likely think more about how to add value for non group-members in the future. 

I strongly agree that community builders thinking/operating on a National level should think about ways to engage with and support EA aligned people who are not part of regularly convening groups (for preference, geography, or other reasons).

This looks interesting and I'm excited to see updates down the track!

I'm a bit late on the discord link and it's expired. Would you be able to reply/DM me with a new one!

Is the CH Coordinator introduction event live (and if so can you point me towards it)? I can't see it in Swapcard or on the Forum.

The updated time (10-11) clashes with the Community Builders meetup (09:30-10:25) and I imagine there's a lot of overlap in potential attendees.

Despite being an example of "giving is more common" I broadly agree with this post.

I'd conceptualize it as a spectrum, with "Giving books - no strings attached" at one end and "Loaning with a register and stated return timeframe" at the other end. As with most spectrums the healthy spot is likely the middle and context dependent. 

For our tabling we ended up giving the books to people who had initiated a display of interest, with a conversation with the recipient about reading it and then passing it on to someone else who would read it. Which allows for sharing of the ideas, even if people weren't able to make it to our events in the future. For people who are already regular attendees, or are likely to become them, I'd advocate for closer to the loan end of the spectrum.

I'd say maybe 10% of people we talked to said they'd heard of EA. Most of those were fairly evenly split between "Positive impression after having some form of previous/current engagement" and "Have seen news about FTX/SBF", with some overlap between the two groups. There were 1 or 2 with vague neutral impressions. 

After logging in to apply I'm getting the below message (the My Applications page then says "No applications were found").

I'm fairly confident I haven't already  applied and forgotten about it in the last 2 hours. (I have previously applied for EAGs in 2022.)

Hey CE team, 
I submitted my application a couple of days ago and I've got a question about the application process!

What are the timings for the different stages of the application process, and how much flexibility is there if someone (me, that someone is me) was going to be uncontactable for ~17 days in early November?

I submitted a version of this question with more details to your contact form a couple of days ago. I haven't heard back yet and figured a (slightly) generalised version here could be useful (mostly for me to get a the question seen by the right person, possibly for others in a similar position)

This was an entertaining, informative, and very well presented read (that also plays well to my love for systems and processes). Thanks for putting it together.

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