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Brainstorming thread: ideas for large EA funders

A tardy reply. But I presume there could be some evidence? If you try to think of any, can you? If not how could anyone have much confidence in this whatsoever?

Suggestions thread for questions for the 2015 EA Survey

LW and SSC do this without issue

I've taken those surveys for years, and it's true that they've often contained questions that would get this (EA) community's jimmies severely rustled, without any problems or complaints or concern trolling. At least, that's my impression, as someone more familiar with the rationalist community than the EA one.

May Open Thread

It looks like there's a Christians and EA Facebook group, though only Christians can join. But someone could join it, ask there, and report back?

May Open Thread

Plausibly, are any methods promising for us?

Improvements to the Effective Altruism Forum

Yes indeed! Who is that team? Am I right in thinking it's Ryan Carey who owns the site?

Introducing EA Profiles

Yes, they make for very interesting browsing!

Brainstorming thread: ideas for large EA funders

Interesting - is there empirical evidence that this in fact happens?

Brainstorming thread: ideas for large EA funders

if you accept the EMH the returns are the same.

How come?

Brainstorming thread: ideas for large EA funders

I assume its not something you'd want to devote much of a sum that large to, but small sums could support EA actions and projects via the EA funding network that Ozzie Gooen and Diego Caleiro and Bob Cordwell have started.

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