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My name is Nathaniel King and I'm currently studying an undergrad in Sustainable Energy Engineering. I'm interested in science, philosophy, sustainability, and futurism. I'm most interested in the intersection of sustainability and computer science and want to learn how AI can help solve problems in sustainability.

I also have a YouTube channel (currently empty but I'm working on stuff now) (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAqBLkDrMsOQne8CkS79JMg)


Hi guys, my name is Nathaniel and I'm new to this forum. I found out about EA a few months ago because I've been thinking in these terms my whole life (how to maximize positive output to the world) and it's great to see there's a whole community centered around that question. I'm studying an undergrad in sustainable energy engineering at SFU and I'm hoping to have a career somewhere in the intersection between this field and computer science (computational sustainability). I haven't done a lot of research into this yet but it seems like an area with so much potential. I dream big and have thought a lot about how AI could be used to optimize permaculture setups and help transition our food system into decentralized farming co-ops especially in the wake of climate change. 

I'm also interested in animal rights activism and anti-capitalism!