Trevor Breen

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Trevor Breen

  • Location: Edmonton, Canada
  • Remote: Yes
  • Willing to relocate: Yes
  • Skills: 
    - Data Analysis:  4 years of experience with Classical modelling (MLE, Fixed Effect Regression, etc), and Supervised Learning in Python, some R. Proficient with Numpy, Pandas, and SkLearn, and Matplotlib libraries. Basic knowledge of SQL, HTML and Javascript.
    - Research:  Top dissertation in program - MSc Environmental Economics and Climate Change (2018)
  • Résumé/CV/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trevor-breen-286ba6125/
  • Email: tbreen@ualberta.ca

    Cause Areas:
    • I'm primarily interested in doing research on Climate Policy, AI safety, or AI ethics. I'm also open to anything X-risk related or related to animal welfare.
  • Looking for:
    • I'm looking for full-time work, although I would consider working part-time as well. I would be a good fit for roles that involve data analysis, persuasive writing, modelling, or research.
    • My technical experience using neural networks and transformers is limited, but I am taking courses and working on projects in my spare time to develop those skills.
  • EA Involvement:
    • I've been following the 80,000 Hours and Future of Life Institute podcast for a few years and donate via GiveWell. I'm broadly convinced by the arguments for longtermism. 
  • Available: from September 2022 onward.