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    A little late to the part but maybe I can still get some insight. I’m 27 and have been working for humanitarian programs in the Middle East since graduating with a BA in international economics from a good school. While I’m working in the non-profit sector, and super fortunate to have had the roles I’ve had at such a young age, the nature of the conflict/disaster work doesn’t feel EA effective and I want to take the skills I’ve gained and move on to something new and more impactful. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge of the international humanitarian world, project management and evaluation skills, conflict and economic analysis, Arabic language ability, and survey and research design. And a pretty significant passion for wanting to figure out and support what actually works, get rid of what doesn’t.

    Part of me is missing school and considering a masters or PhD. I don’t feel like I’m learning significant new skills here any more and I have so many other interests I want to study and build networks within (psychology, cognitive science, philosophy...). While that sounds the most exciting and motivating, the more practical part of me thinks maybe I should embrace the opportunities I’ve been given and continue on here with my health salary, earn to give, work my way up in my org, and try to push the work toward more effective programming.

    If I go back to school and shift course, what subject/program should I pursue? Or does staying make the most sense?