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The CE incubation programme application calls for the submission of a personal weighted factor model of possible career paths ahead of you. I think this report is perfect for that sort of decision making. 

In terms of prioritisation for a single person or a student I would really emphasise good criteria selection and weighting + the model itself can be iterated to help build more informed models. 

Whilst I was constructing my own model it turned out that certain career paths had scores which were much more based on 'vibes' in their reasoning than on experience and knowledge. It directed me to equalise my understanding of different options. 

It also helped remove an emotional overlay people usually fall into when making these decisions in their head or even when writing down options or pros and cons. Something about putting a number for a wieght makes you consider your reasoning it much more closely. How much more do you care about Pay Vs Location Vs Amount you learn in the role? / get from the experience. 

I love how this report addresses all of the uncertancies of the prioritisation process in a practical and granular manner!

Thanks Luke for the comment I think you might be one of the most qualified people around here for this question.

I just wanted to give the heads up that the Formally link is a dead end and the blog link doesn't link directly to the post.

I tried finding the specific post but I likely missed it.


As someone who falls into the category of the student who would receive the same template talk I really appreciate you writing this up!