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Long-Term Future Fund: November 2020 grant recommendations

I am deeply touched and honored by this endorsement. I wish to thank the LTFF and all the donors who support the LTFF from the bottom of my heart, and promise you that I will do my utmost to justify your trust.

Should we think more about EA dating?

Personally I prefer websites since they seem to be more efficient in terms of time and travel distance. Especially in the COVID era, online is better. Although I guess it's possible to do an online speed-dating event.

Should we think more about EA dating?

I think it's a great idea. For me it's impossible to have an intimate long-term relationship with someone without shared worldview and values, and I'm sure it's the same for many people. Both of my partners are EAs. One of them lives on a different continent, and there's a reason I had to go so far afield to find someone compatible. Having a dedicated website would make it that much easier.

The concerns about "cultishness" are IMO overblown, and ironically some of those concerns feel *more* "culty" than the thing they are concerned about. If there is a significant subset of the community that feels like they would benefit from something that would help them date other EAs, it's not something other people should have the right to veto. Probably this is unintentional, but to me those concerns sound much too dismissive of serious challenges some members of this community face in their personal lives.

Btw, is not a good solution since it only helps you to find dates among your Facebook friends.