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Thanks for this useful blog, David. I agree this is a gap area for individuals funding global development. Some other potential sources of information/advice for individuals:

· following the rationale and results of Give Well's incubation grants

· looking into cause areas identified by Charity Science which could benefit from funding and entrepreneurship

· looking into organisations and related broader interventions showcased in 'Life You Can Save' website, I’m unclear on the rigour of the research underpinning those recommendations though.

I also hope to follow the research on impact of advocacy projects such as the one Rachel Glennerster mentioned in the 80000 hours podcast late last year. I agree, in the immediate term EA global is a good choice though I am less clear on how the feedback loop for EA funds works. You recommend following the feedback on EA funds to determine next steps. Who provides positive/negative feedback on the direction of EA global funds? Would love to know your thoughts and learn further.