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Part-I Case1 Saving or helping more is always better than a few. So the decision is always for those thousand people who are going to exist for the future 200 years. As there is every possibility that the future of humanity is going to be better if and only if we don't deliberately or ignorantly make it worse. So being a member of EA community I have every responsibility to think for those in future even they are not in a position to influence the decisions in their favour.

Case-II If the malaria rate remains high then it is a good reason to believe that my donation which cannot be used before 5 years is of atleast same value that it would have been for now. Moreover the life lost or sufferings of all child are same even if they don't exist now. Ultimate aim of my donation is to reduce suffering and death irrespective of its time or location.

Who doesn't want to be a good ancestor given a choice? Indeed the answer would be yes for almost all of us. But what it means to be a good ancestor may be a vague idea to think upon as most of us doesn't want to think beyond a very predictable near future.also we are not trained to think to a distant future timeline. I think it requires practice and common man is not bothered about those bits of extra stress and strain on their brain.

Few traits which I think is a prerequisites for being a good ancestor:

  1. Well Informed - information guides and shape our thought, helps us to imagine and finally leads to a better decision. Being open to diversity of information always helps to weigh the decisions against different sets of data hence increased is the chances of better outcome.

  2. learning to unlearn- with ages we all accumulate different sort of informations based on our immediate environment,traditions and practices. Many times learning new things create conflicts untill we unlearn some.

  3. Accepting chage- for changing the world a better place personal opinion and decisions can be compromised at any cost.

  4. Long termism- Thinking and learning and discussing about issues and topics which are beyond the present or near future timelines may seems to be a friction and fantacy but it helps taking actions for future. Imagining a world which is far from today is not everyone's cup of tea, it needs practice and going through a continuous process of learning about how to think logically about the unknown based on available information and facts.

  5. Art of giving- unconditional giving is an art. It's not an spontaneous decision man takes with very little exception. Only a child can show some acts of unconditional giving. For a man with matured or developed brain can rarely show the signs of unconditional love or giving anything. A learned man can give unditionally but mostly after training and practicing the act willfully.

That's only a few which comes to my mind for now, but there may be more and may be I'm missing the the most important ones. I'm open to explore more from others views on the subject.

Dear Atit,

hope you are doing well with your life. i think its long since we talked to each other.its a news from your town which reminded me of you and feeling good to connect with you once again.

today i was going through a news of an unwelcome and unwarranted event in which some people from your town harassed  few individuals just because they belong to sexual minority.

and the worst thing is that whole incident happened in a marketplace and at its peak hours. still there was not a single resistance in favour of the victims. people of all ages,men and women, of all religions,sects, cults,status,backgrounds were present and witnessed the incident.

you may wonder why you whom i want to share the incident?

because i found you quite sensible and reasonable on the issues of equality and justice.I still remember the protest against college authorities not conducting a majority of events for women in the annual sports meet.

you were also an active participant for that protest.that made me think you an reasonable and just person.

i am sure you differ in opinion that sextual minorities are not any different than the rest in any of the normal societal characteristics,inttellect,behaviour,apearence.they also follow the same physiological and biological processes every other humans do.except they cant follow the same reproduction process which a normal person do. 

because differ in some aspects of biological or sexual orientation which is by no means their own choice or the choice of anyone else relate to them.

for some this sort of orientation is a kind of imperfection. and even if we agree not to differ imperfection is very common in all spheres of life and nature around the earth.to be very true imperfection is rule of nature.

most importantly these imperfections has nothing to do with treating such minorities with discrimination,criminalizing their sexual act or selection of life partners etc. those are very private business and does not any harm to anyone.

most of your society has silently accepted the myths and stigmas attached  to these minority of people who dont even dare to esquire about their rights and why they are discriminated upon, what is their fault and how they can get the freedom to live a life of their choice?

i am very concerned about the thought of people like you on the issue. who i think has the power to move the society to a level where at least such matters can be discussed and the voice of the victims will also be heard. 


1,malaria consortium:

3142 child protected      4.4 life saved

2.against malaria foundation:

4400 bed nets                    4 life saved

3. Helen Keller international:

11000 dose of supplement 4.4 life saved

4.new incentives:

141 child vaccinated               4.4 life saved


with $1000 to donate i'd prefer new initiatives over the other three because

  1. Though the number of people served per $1000 may be less but the impacts are long term as vaccines will protect the children for a much longer period of their life some even can protect them for life.
  2.  the protection is against a number killer disease.



  1. choosing my post retirement life options to be more impactful
  2. selecting between various health schemes for post retirement life
  3. creating a will for my leftover assets.

Nice intro. Very rightly said that vegan advocacy works well only to those who are already compassionate. Can you please elaborate some more how EA programs differ from normal animal advocacy programs. animal advocacy is part of the EA movement anyway.