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I know you have the exact opposite position on this as me but It would be nice If you could try to do justice to the Negative Utilitarian Idea that terraforming far off celestial bodies and creating more bisopheres is actually the worst thing humanity could ever do. Stumbled across a youtube video of a guy making a version of fermented tofu at home from firm tofu. He pickled it and after waiting for it to age, mixed it with olive oil, potato starch, and coconut oil to give it a soft stretchy cheese like texture.

In 2021 the IUCN implemented the “ green list” a companion to its more traditional “ red list” , right now the green list is more a proof of concept with only a few dozen species ( as oppose to the almost 150,000 red list species) , but It ranks animals not on how likely they are to go extinct in the near future, but by how heavily depleted/range-restricted they are from a historical baseline. Expanding recognition of and in turn protections for “least-concern” but heavily depleted species ( such as American and Europeans beavers, cougar, black tailed prairie dogs, wapiti, European water vole( in UK), eurasian harvest mice( UK), European hedgehog(In UK), gray wolves, brown bears, evening grosbeaks , wood thrush, monarch butterfly, European starling( native range) etc) could protect a large number of wild animals.

I wouldn’t be worried about Chinese Americans being too familiar with rare Chinese Tofu varieties, simply cause China is a large culturally diverse place and most Chinese-Americans are from The south eastern Cantonese speaking regions ,

As an English speaking Vegan on the internet I’ve noticed and increased interest in “ tofus” made with other legumes, like peanuts or black beans, I think there is value in having substitutes available for a common allergen, and wonder If you could market “ black bean tofu” at a Mexican restaurant as something new and trendy and that “fits the restaurant” even If it’s still standard firm tofu.

I think There is an important difference between plant based products and cultured meat for this conversation

A society that stops eating meat will be able to ban meat

A society that replaces animal meat with cultured meat would not be able to ban animal meat, because the animal meat and cultured meat are the same thing so There would be no way for law enforcement to recognize contraband, I can see large numbers of backyard slaughterhouses , hunting/fishing and small scale animal meat production surviving indefinitely in the second situation.

This is all from wealthy countries

Even in wealthy countries it’s not easy to be a horse, the fact that they, like all domestic animals are legally commodities, mean there interests will not be respected

This is not to mention the ubiquity of spinal alteration in seemingly well cared for horses, or how nearly all horses are ridden before There growth plates fuse

Or the congenital defects , intentional or not, caused by purposefully breeding to maintain breed characteristics

I honestly imagine these zebras being used as beasts of burden in poor countries would tbe treated even worse.

I would consider being sacrificed to gods, being eaten* , and fighting mens wars for them terrible treatment.

  • even after Christians stopped eating horses, It’s not like they were allowed to live a long retirement ones useless

Setting aside the ethics of animal exploitation for a second

Africa already has Sanga cattle, that are resistant to trypanosomiasis and have been used in subsaharan Africa for thousands of years.

What benefit would zebras have over Sanga cattle?

If it’s just speed ( with cattle being stronger and more useful for most manual labor) , does that really increase efficiency in production, or does it just make them more useful for warfare?

Theirs less than 10,000 known sponge species and only 3 known placazoa species, all remaining animal species have some form of nervous system. based on known species, the vast majority of those are arthropods, which have central nervous systems.

Theirs an estimated 7.7 million animal species, I think practically any sort of mass redesign of the worlds biosphere to be utopian would have to involve lots of animal extinctions unless you are suggesting genetically modifying nearly 8 million species

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