Victor Levoso

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You seem to be missing the possibility of superhuman learning being from superhuman sample efficiency in the sense of requiring less feedback to aquire skills. Including actively experimenting in usefull directions more efectively.

Hi, I’m Víctor, I recently finished a master's degree in computer science this summer and I’m trying to start a career in AI alignment and currently looking for a job.

Location: Spain - Ourense

Remote :Yes

Willing to relocate: For the right opportunity

What I want to do: AI alignment or alternatively some AI related thing where I can get career capital to later work on Alignment.


-C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, C(from cs bachelor and master’s degree and a small personal projects over the years).

-Pytorch(Mostly from doing a master's thesis on decision transformers on the MineRL environment and online courses)

-Unity and game development(from working on small games for game jams and personal projects).



Available from and until should be available anytime, currently just job hunting and working on personal projects.