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How Many People Will Climate Change Kill? [Video]

Here are some quick estimates I compiled (not from the video, but a cursory reading of recent research papers):

  1. Between 2030-2050 climate change is estimated to cause ~250,000 additional deaths per year, according to the WHO. 38,000 due to heat exposure in elderly people, 48,000 due to diarrhoea, 60,000 due to malaria, and 95,000 due to childhood undernutrition.
  2. Due to climate change-related food shortages alone, the world could see a net increase of 529,000 adult deaths in the year 2050.
  3. 355,000 adults are expected to suffer premature death due to fossil fuel-related air pollution in the US (in China and India it's estimated at 5 million a year)

These additional risks definitely could overlap, but all together this would lead to an estimate at the same magnitude as OP's estimate