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Dear friends, dear Sam Bankman-Fried, hello!

Someone said: the shackles of habit begin to be felt when they are hard to break. Therefore, we have come up with and have already developed a vaccine against mental illness - an application with a creative product, located at the intersection of creativity, science and technology. It is much more profitable, more effective and easier to prevent a serious illness from the beginning than to heal for a very long, expensive and painful time later. And it's not a fact that you'll be healed. It is much more effective to initially nurture mentally healthy people, even if they live in a dysfunctional family, a dysfunctional area, or are not well off, than to go to a psychologist for years and still not sure what will help. In addition, a mentally unhealthy person not only lives painfully, he also tortures his loved ones, and the whole society suffers and suffers.

I am convinced that all of humanity's problems stem from insanity, ignorance and unconsciousness.
It all starts with supposedly harmless fears in childhood, over the years all these fears, limitations and delusions only develop and intensify, turn into anger and aggression, from here we see: child bullying, depression, violence and bullying, mass executions, domestic violence, suicide, war.


And everything that we, society, do in a very limited way - the struggle with the consequences, which can be fought endlessly, and as in the situation with fears, the situation will only get worse.
But, of course, in order for the work to be effective, it is necessary to work on all fronts at the same time, and immediately, correctly, “reconnected” to those who are already in trouble and to help and encourage, otherwise it will become an endless process.

Since everything starts in childhood, and the most universal, versatile and effective antidote to all evil is creativity, we started making a project:
App -
interactive animated series on developing emotional intelligence and mental health for children ages 4 to 12 to the global market.

The production of such content, such a project, in Russia is several times cheaper than in America or Europe.

The child will not just passively observe, but will be a full-fledged accomplice of what is happening: he will answer simple questions in a test format in real time, he will change the scenario of events and become a co-creator, etc. Thus, the child consolidates the acquired knowledge, learns to think and analyze, to make decisions independently, to influence the course of things, to take responsibility, to look for causes and not to name consequences, to overcome fears and not to run away from them, and learns to think critically.


Education can only overcome poverty, while mental health makes a person truly happy, successful, and rich. A mentally healthy person can learn and develop lifelong with love, an educated person usually only up to the age of 23 and then "under pressure". I'm not talking about the consequences we draw from the lives of mentally ill people.


Traditional medicine in general, and psychotherapy in particular, does not and cannot bring the desired results: first, a psychotherapist is not available to everyone; secondly, and this problem follows from the first, when everything is fine in one area and everything is not very good in the neighboring area, envy and misunderstandings, disagreements arise, and this is an even greater evil; thirdly, in traditional medicine, unfortunately, there are many charlatans and simply incompetent specialists; Fourth, as you know, traditional medicine cures one and spoils the other.

For some reason, we are initially wary of people. There are probably many reasons, here are some of them: parents from early childhood tell us - do not open the door to strangers, do not name your address, do not talk to strangers on the street, do not get into a car with strangers. Society initially teaches us distrust. And even if a person has the opportunity to turn to a psychologist, there is an understanding, desire and need for his help, he goes to him with distrust, without even realizing it. And since we want everything at once, here and now, we demand quick results. But the psychologist must first overcome this mistrust, this resistance. A month passes, a lot of time, effort and money have been spent, but there are still no results, the ice has not yet been melted, trust has not yet been won. And the client says: come on, you just spent my time and money. It doesn't work.

The supply of such knowledge and skills through creativity and technology does not meet this resistance, there is no initial mistrust. There is no stranger who still has to earn trust, everything is beautiful and cheerful, everything is very friendly. And everything that a child sees, and even an adult, goes directly into the subconscious, without encountering any resistance. Consciousness does not resist, there is no reason for this, it does not see the danger.

And all physical complaints are only a consequence of mental illnesses, since they arise and arise precisely on the mental level.

In addition, it is financially very profitable. Unfortunately, this is a huge problem worldwide: According to experts, by 2025 every third person on earth will suffer from depression.


We have to work immediately on all fronts, from all sides at the same time, for as large an audience as possible. This is the only way we have the chance to really change something. Changing this globally in a small, single area doesn't change anything.


Mental illness is the biggest killer of human potential. Imagine how the world will change if not 1-2% mentally healthy people live in it, but at least 11-12%.

We will unite in one product: spiritual development, mental health, education, upbringing, entertainment, technology.

And for the implementation of our unprecedented project we need financial support.
We want to help people, connect the spiritual world with the material. To give mankind the rules that will make them happy, en masse, everywhere.

Pitch deck by link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_0gLHA6MU0MhROPRBeJOOXgUmET-M3FG/view?usp=sharing 

With respect and hope for attention and support,
Viktor Smolin
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