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That Code link is broken, check it. Would love to star it and take a look :) Im crazy buzy (arent we all?) but it might be worth a look for sure.

GL on those RCTs! heres to getting 20k samples!

Stats, or Software?

Hey guys, I might make this a full post later but I realllly need advice.

I am a software developer with a BA in Ecomonics and Int'l Studies. I became a dev cause I needed a job terribly and didnt have any connections to orgs I was really passionate about. Ive been thrilled to learn programming can really help people! But im starting to get the vibe that data science and statistics might do a bit more damage.

What do ya'll think? How do I approach my developing my skillset without getting too distracted? I love stat and I love programming, want to help the most people. Im specifically interested in economic empowerment.

Ive read chunks of the fantastic material on 80k but would love to hear some arguments and stories that pit the two options against each other more closely.

Im Denver based if anyone want to chat about this over a beer or food ;)

I am very uninformed about organizations...

OP wasnt refering to the orgs he was donating to but a seperate problem domain he doesnt have expertise in.

Charity Science Health also featured really good RCTs in their proposal that you can see in their proposal or just google. LMK if I should link them.

There is also the promise of future data in this arena. JPAL, WHO, and a few other orgs are setting their sails to investigate this as well, so the decent data will be getting much better. If WHO and JPAL are interested theres at the least something big to investigate for sure, and to get that data you need programs to be active.

To attempt to complement what Peter already said,

: one can't carefully look at everything, and one has to make some judgments on what cause areas look most promising to investigate on current margins.

This is why EA rarely falls into what can accurately be described as a "streetlight effect". We aren't looking for one set of keys, we're looking for a bunch of keys (threats to human welfare) and theres a bunch of us drunkards, all with differing abilities and expertise. So I'd argue if its dark somewhere, those with the expertise need to start building streetlights, but if the lights getting brighter in certain areas (RCTs in health) then we need people there too.

a shot at banning factory farming

What would this entail? should we start a new thread for this? sounds great but small-medium farmers could get their butts whipped if its implemented too broadly no?

Ahoy all, first post here super excited!

Charity Science Health - Do they detail the plans for their RCT? Have the looked at the current research for contexts in which the intervention is more or less effective?

The RCTs are promising but I would think the cash they are asking for would get them something north of 2k participants (correct me if thats naive).

Also, is their code open source/do they need some one to code for em? Have they looked at charging clinics a small fee for the repeat customers or would that burn them most likely?