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Bostrom's 2023 letter spends more time defending his 1996 beliefs than anything else.

He chose to "get out in front" in a way that raises far more questions than it settles, & I think this statement rightly holds him accountable for that.

Bostrom today clearly disavows using the N-word in '97. Does he still believe in some form of white superiority? I hope not! But right now, the ambivalence & vagueness of his 2023 letter is working like a dog whistle to western chauvinists, & I hope he figures that out & denounces them as strongly as this statement does.

Dismissing all of the direct, thoughtful critique of Bostrom's current letter as just "piling up" about something else is, I am sure, not helpful.

There's hotheads on twitter cursing at him & hotheads cursing in his defense.

You seem to be implicitly lumping OP here in with that. If that's not your intent, great, please do say so.