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Weaver is a Rationalist and EA writer and a full time active duty Army Officer. He is a part of Philly Rats and EA Philly(barely) and you can read all of his writing through his author website: http://storyweaver.quest/ (links to Royal Road fiction)

Sect Leader is an attempt to shovel EA principles into a fantasy narrative(a nod to HPMOR), everything else is just for fun.

I'm founding two companies:

Riverfolk Publishing which is an indie imprint, initially for myself. We've expanded to four authors and our first book launches in September.

Red Cell EA, which is an EA focused consultancy. This is still in the planning stages.

How others can help me

I'm looking for startup grants to see if Red Cell EA can turn into viable full time work.

How I can help others

I can help you if you need help writing fiction, getting published or anything LITRPG.


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It would be great to train a cadre of EAs in political matters, working in NGOs at different levels to accomplish EA goals. I'm kicking around the idea of what that would look like, i.e. an EA NGO that directly interacts with the United Nations, and how we would do training for said organization. That's something that conceptually is doable with current resources, although not every EA wants to wade hip deep into bureaucracy.  I do, and it's my current job, but it is 100% definitely not for everyone.

OH man. This is good stuff. Now to find a group to do this with.

If someone was looking to get a graduate degree in AI, what would they look for? Is it different for other grad schools?

It's probably covered by Example 4, but International Aid and Development under the umbrella of diplomacy. I feel like there should be an EA NGO that has a high level diplomatic interface with governments and the United Nations, unless I'm missing something there isn't.

For these specific ideas, working on safeguarding democracy and the others, this would probably be covered by creating or working for an EA organization that can advocate for these ideals to either a government or the United nations. There are several Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) that directly interface with the UN and lobby for their causes, or work directly with governments at a federal, state or local level. 

I would be surprised if there wasn't such an NGO that exists, if not uh, I'd be willing to help. Lobby and working with bureaucracy is a skill in itself. I'll probably write an article about this idea if there is interest.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. It got me into rationality/less wrong and set me down the path.

Oh hey! Another Rutgers guy! I'm still working in Jersey so let me know if I can help out in some small way with your EA Chapter. 

Pros- you get cheaper health insurance and you will generally stay in your state guard unless you really want to leave. 

Cons - some jobs are harder to advance in, and you may have limited positions available, and unit culture could be really good or really bad 

For tuition assistance, in most states, you can go to the state college for free. Connecticut for instance has a program that will let you go to any state school for free if you have deployed or been active for 90 days. At the top of your career? You might make $12-15k annually for your 48 days. 

Tricare for single people is like $50 a month. Families are $200. Dental is extra and like $30. I know several Veterinarians who have stayed in the reserves for health insurance alone. Also, you get life insurance for the time you're in ($400k, ~$30 per month) opt out possible.

If you have more questions... this is literally part of what I do for the reserves but the guard is similar.

I have not. If you could connect the two of us, I would appreciate it. I'll message you this week when I get a chance to talk shop and I hope it will be a productive discussion.

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